2014 October 22
Posted by Megan
1. Tell us about your role and position at your agency. I am a case manager at BBBS of Hampshire County. At our small agency, case managers do everything from screening and interviewing Bigs and Littles to making the match and providing support throughout their friendship. I applied for our agency to participate in the Red Sox Mentoring Challenge Campaign because I saw the potential for great recruitment and visibility in our community. Those are two things we need very much.   2. Is there a story of a particular match that you are proud of? We are proud of all our matches! Of course,... Read more
2014 October 15
Posted by Megan
President & CEO Marty Martinez reflects on why he believes empowering youth-adult relationships are so important to the Latino community.  As Hispanic Heritage Month draws to a close, I am struck by how much the future success of our country is tied to the success of our Latino youth. Just look at the numbers.  According to the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU), 70.3% of Hispanic high school graduates ages 16-25 were enrolled in college in 2012, compared to 65.7% for whites.  Add to this the facts that Hispanics have had the second... Read more
2014 October 2
Posted by Megan
  First Niagara Foundation Announces $50,000 Grant to Support Mass Mentoring Partnership Contribution is part of $1 million in mentoring grants announced in New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Connecticut NEW HAVEN, CT – October 2, 2014 – First Niagara Foundation today announced a $50,000 contribution to Mass Mentoring Partnership (MMP), a non-profitorganization that works to expand quality mentoring programs to children across Western Massachusetts. “We are excited to continue our partnership with First Niagara in our shared efforts to grow mentoring and the positive impact... Read more
2014 September 30
Posted by Megan
Tell us about your role and position at your agency? My name is Ivett Delgado and I am a Volunteer and Youth Engagement Recruiter with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Massachusetts.  As a volunteer and youth engagement recruiter, I am lucky enough to go around Boston and Greater Boston to spread the word of the great work we do at Big Brothers Big Sisters. In my role, I get to share my passion as a mentor among other potential mentors and motivate them to become volunteers. It’s amazing!  On the other end of my role, I work with parents and youth serving agencies to refer boys to our... Read more
2014 September 29
Posted by Megan
-Tell us about your role and position at your agency? My role at Children’s Friend and Family Services is as Director of the Youth Mentoring program. With four offices out of Salem, Gloucester, Lynn and Lawrence, we cover a lot of ground with nearly 50 matches! I work with volunteers, schools, and local community organizations to make sure our matches have many local opportunities for learning, fun, and community membership.  Children’s Friend and Family Services is 177 years old, so we have a real legacy to maintain and the youth mentoring program is a part of that!   -What’s your... Read more
2014 September 26
Posted by Megan
What’s your favorite part of your job? Oh, this is an easy one! By far, the favorite part of my job is when I can drive away from a match meeting or a one-year meeting and go, "Now that is one awesome match." Our mentors give so much of their time and energy to our kids, and it's a true honor to be able to witness that love and dedication first hand. You can see the difference in the kids year after year. The child that I originally interviewed to enroll them in the program is so different from the child that I meet after they've been matched with a mentor for a year. I consider myself lucky... Read more
2014 September 5
Posted by Ariel
  With the Massachusetts general election occurring Tuesday, Nov. 4, we at Mass Mentoring wanted to make sure that the next leader of our state knows how mentoring and empowering relationships for youth can strengthen communities. To that end, we reached out to each of the candidates for Governor and asked them to give their thoughts on mentoring. We've posted the responses we received below. Regardless of who wins, we will continue our work of educating our public officials on the power of youth-adult relationships to change lives and strengthen... Read more
2014 September 4
Posted by Michael
Throughout the year, Mass Mentoring Partnership has had the pleasure to work with Michael Delman and Kelly Robinson from Thinking Outside the Classroom (soon to be Booksmart and Beyond), an executive functioning coaching service operating in Boston, Rhode Island, and soon, Chicago. Michael and Kelly have donated their time and expertise by providing free workshops to over 60 program staff and mentors from MMP’s partner program network. Nate Baum, Manager of Training and Technical Assistance, highlights some of the important information covered during Thinking Outside the Classroom trainings!... Read more
2014 August 29
Posted by Rich
Since 2005, Mass Mentoring Partnership has teamed up with the Boston Red Sox for the Red Sox Mentoring Challenge (RSMC), an initiative designed to recruit more caring Massachusetts adults as mentors. In light of this year’s RSMC, we asked our participating programs to reflect on how the initiative has strengthened their program and recruitment efforts. Raymond Thibault, a mentor from South Boston T.E.A.M., shares his experience. Hello Mass Mentoring Partnership readers! My name is Raymond Thibault, I am a Polymer Scientist working for NuLabel Technologies in East Providence, RI.... Read more
2014 August 22
Posted by Rich
Mass Mentoring Partnership is pleased to announce it has been awarded a $10,000 grant from the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation to strengthen mentoring programs and youth development agencies serving the North Shore and Cape Cod. Through the grant, MMP will partner with over 35 mentoring programs, youth development organizations, schools, and colleges on the North Shore and Cape Cod to provide targeted training, technical assistance and partnership development. The grant will allow MMP to support formal mentoring programs that currently serve over 1,200 youth on the North Shore and Cape Cod... Read more