The 2018 Boston Marathon® with Team MMP

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Every year, with the support of our friends at John Hancock, MMP hosts individuals to run the Boston Marathon and raise money to support our work. All of the money they raise directly fuels our mission to create empowering youth-adult relationships. For 2018, we are fortunate to have two runners who are already training and pushing themselves to achieve their goals!

Meet Our Runners

Kelsey Renner

kelsey running.jpgHow long have you been connected to MMP?  In 2015-2016, I served an a Highland Street AmeriCorps Ambassador of Mentoring through MMP at African Community Education (ACE) in Worcester. After finishing my year of service, I applied to a full-time position at MMP and have been working there as the Development Associate for over a year now.

How long have you been running? I've always been active, but started focusing on distance running in 2015. The longest distance I've run is 13.1, and my favorite places to do longer training runs are Fresh Pond in Cambridge, around Harvard, and the Esplanade.

What does it mean to you to be part of Team MMP for the 2018 Boston Marathon? I've been able to see the impact MMP has in communities around Massachusetts as a volunteer, and now as a staff member. Working towards the mission of ensuring access to positive role models to young people across the state is something I'm excited to be a part of everyday. By running with Team MMP, I'm reaffirming my commitment as an individual to young people everywhere.

"I've been so lucky to have great mentors growing up, from teachers, to family members, to coaches, to coworkers, and I believe having access to empowering relationships is a right for every young person. Our communities are only as strong as our young people, and I'm honored to have the chance to spread MMP's mission and raise critical funds to execute their mission while also running in the greatest race in the world." - Kelsey

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Rebecca Crossley 

becca race.jpgHow long have you been connected to MMP? I have been connected with MMP since I started at ALKU as an intern in the summer of 2014. During my summer at ALKU I was introduced to MMP and the Rodman Ride, an event that ALKU proudly participates in every year. When I started full time in June of 2015 in the Marketing Department, my personal relationship with MMP began. In this role, I worked closely with MMP to help fundraise and plan ALKU’s participation in the annual ride. Also, that year I was able to be a part of the first ALKU Scholarship, a $20,000 award given to deserving a rising high school senior whose mentoring relationship has made a positive impact on their life. For the past three years I've been work closely with MMP and ALKU to make sure that every year our partnership is growing stronger. This year ALKU was able to raise $103,000.00 for MMP through the Rodman Ride, and awarded the 3rd ALKU Scholarship to a very deserving recipient. It has been exciting and extremely rewarding to be working with MMP for the past three years, and I look forward to what the future holds for ALKU & MMP.

How long have you been running? I have been running since 2007 to help stay in shape for soccer, but I fully took on running as a sport in 2014. I recently completed my second half marathon in one year, which is the longest distance I have ran so far. My two favorite places to take my longer training runs are the beach or Boston! 

What does it mean to you to be part of Team MMP for the 2018 Boston Marathon?  I still have to pinch myself to realize this is actually my reality. Ever since I started running I wanted to run in the Boston Marathon but never thought I would be good enough, or even get the opportunity to. I was able to attend my first Boston Marathon as a spectator last year and in that day my my goals shifted. Before I was running because I loved it (enjoyed it) and wanted to remain active after not being able to play soccer any more. However, standing there on the sidelines, cheering on the runners as they crossed the finished line excited something in me and in that moment I made it a goal to run the Boston Marathon. I started small, aiming towards a half marathon and once I accomplished that I began dream bigger, the Boston Marathon even. Then I caught wind that there was a possibility for me to run the 2018 Boston Marathon through ALKU on MMP's team. To be able to run for ALKU and for a cause I am so deeply involved in, is perfect. It reminds me that no matter how big your goal is, or how unattainable it seems, strive for it. Work small. Work hard. and never give up on your dream. To me, to be able to run for MMP in the 2018 Boston Marathon means I am living my dream. 

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In 2015, John Hancock provided over 1000 Boston Marathon® bibs to select non-profit organizations throughout the community. The John Hancock Marathon Non-Profit Program provides organizations with a significant fundraising opportunity. Last year, John Hancock non-profit runners raised more than $10 million for over 140 different local organizations. For 30 years John Hancock has been the principal sponsor of the Boston Marathon.

We thank John Hancock for their continued support of MMP's mission to empower youth-adult relationships.